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Unfolding one imprint at a time

Aren't we so blessed to be living in this technology era where we can sit here in our studio, hitting that 'launch' button to begin a new chapter of Erthe® stories. A second later, art lovers from every part of the globe will be reading this. That's something isn't it?

Let us say a million times thank you to all our supporters near and far, most of all to our current art collectors who have supported us since day one. Because without you, Erthe® would never have come to its light.



We believe in the power of soulful imagery that evoke your senses.

We believe that art does not belong only in museums.

We believe that great art belong in a space where people gather daily, igniting a powerful resonance with those around us.

We believe in magical transformation of a living space made by the thoughtful hands that created them.

We believe in evocative lighting in the art of photography.

We believe in the future of handcrafted unique quality products.

We believe that nature is the best compass for artists and in life.

We believe in giving back to the passionate souls that help us grow.

We believe that the timeless beauty of nature and soulful art is one of the same, it connects us together.

So here's to Humble beginnings and beautiful friendships around the globe! We hope you'll enjoy our imprints as much as we have loved creating them. 

With gratitude and love,
Anliette & team Erthe®

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