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Anima Mea

Nikon Pro Magazine Cover - The Dancing Wind

Anima Mea series, floral fine art photography by Anliette

Nikon Pro Magazine Spread - Fire and Ice

Anima Mea Series, Nikon Pro magazine, Floral photography by Anliette

The Anima Mea story

As I observe the world around us, our lives - from birth to death - and in between - life in all its forms go through similar experiences. We walk, we fall down, get hurt, pick ourselves back up and walk some more, repeating the same cycle until we transition towards our end. Some of us believe to be living a meaningless life wanting to be noticed even if only for one second, to be considered 'special'. But whilst going through our own ordeals, one overlooks the beauty that lies within the experiences life has to offer. It is almost a subliminal message life wishes to give us - that our ordeals are actually blessings in disguise. That life - no matter what - is a magical 'happenstance' that shapes us into who we are. 

Anima Mea illustrates this psychology of the cycle of life through botanical forms. Our lives bear no difference to that of flowers. Capturing each moment of the flowers’ transformations, expressing my vision of what life is, of wonder in death, of the beauty in decay, of the sublime in rotting matter, awakening our senses to alternate thought representations. Even in these stages, subliminal beauty is apparent - it is the essence of one’s soul. 

In order for this visual analogy to make an impact and be noticed, the subject needs to become large - human size prints. The large scale would expose the intimate, abstraction of the soul of the subject matter, to establish a powerful sensual resonance with what’s in front of us. We are face - to - face with an object floating in space and time, terribly present, questioning or shifting our perceptions.

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