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Print Care & Framing


Artist Proofs originated as test proofs of an artwork. The purpose of reserving an Artist Proof from an edition is that once an edition is sold out, the artist still has a small number of prints available for auction, donation or exhibition purposes. Classically, 10% of a limited edition size is considered an appropriate amount of artists proofs. At Erthe®, we print 5 Artist Proofs on every limited edition collection.


This is a piece of certified document used to show that an artwork is original, authentic and created by the artist. This is also a document to show if the collector ever chooses to resell a piece or get it appraised. Please keep your COA safe and secure. Your certificate number is in sequence of: {capturedyear.editionnumber} -- For example: {2010.50}. This means, the image was captured in year 2010 and it's limited edition print #50.


Colours can never print out to exactly to match what you see on a computer screen. This is because printers use inks in the colours of cyan, magenta, yellow and black whereas monitors render colour in red, green and blue. Also colours vary from one monitor to another, and different printers produce different colour results. All these variables affect the printed outcome. However, we always print an Artist Proof as our quality control indicator so we can reproduce a close accuracy in colour to the original intended images from the same photographic lab.


We are obsessed with print quality! So we only provide the very best for you. Our images are printed by an industry professional photo lab in Sydney. Our Gold Label and Art Prints are printed on a museum grade aqueous pigment prints on acid-free 100% cotton rag paper, a.k.a. "Giclée Prints". These prints are not just beautiful, images come 'alive'. They are environmentally friendly and are rated to resist fading for 100 years under normal home display conditions. Normal display conditions means that the print is under glass, moisture free and out of direct sunlight.


Please be aware that the printed side of your print is delicate and should be handled with care. It is best to handle your prints with white cotton gloves. To prolong your print's life span, it should be framed behind (UV protected) glass/acrylic and preferably an acid-free mat board and hung away from direct sunlight & damp areas. It is an appreciating asset after all, so do take care of it so you can enjoy it longer!


If you plan on having your print professionally framed elsewhere, then it is best to leave it rolled in its original shipping tube layered with tissue paper. Your framer will flatten the print accordingly.

If you are framing the print yourself, please carefully remove the print from the shipping tube with clean hands or white cotton gloves. Unroll the print and leave it on a flat clean surface overnight, placing the tissue paper over the top with some weight. This will help flatten the print without any forced distress. You may need to put a weight across the entire print. Make sure the weight (a book/board) is clean, flat and evenly dispersed to ensure no dents are made to the surface.

Please note that the longer you store your print in the tube the harder it will be to flatten it.

Do not attempt to flatten a rolled print quickly by rubbing it against a sharp edge or rolling it forcefully in the opposite direction.

We do our best to deliver these prints to you in an excellent condition, however we cannot be held responsible for any damage due to improper handling or display.


We value quality and craftsmanship. If you'd like us to frame your prints, please contact us so we can obtain an estimate. Our prints are professionally framed in Melbourne, by the number one trusted framer of Australia's top galleries, renown artists and museums. It is important for us to protect & preserve the longevity of your valuable artwork in the highest quality materials.

Erthe® frames are a made-on-demand products, not a DIY ready-made frames thus must be purchased together accompanying your print order.

Erthe® frames come with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty. Please note that as these frames are custom orders - they are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.


Our artwork can be printed on premier art canvas and wrapped around a wooden stretcher frame (known as a gallery wrap), ready to hang. Occasionally, we may release a limited edition run in special substrates such as acrylic, fabric or canvas. For customised printing on different substrates, please contact us for sizes and pricing. Or, equally you may join our mailing list to access our exclusive specials or pre-release collections.