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Founder & Awards

Meet Anliette

Anliette is an award winning fine art photographer. With 18 years of experience in art, design and photography, she seeks to bring out the beauty - and honour the essence - of her subjects.  

Anliette's photography is predominantly inspired by nature and explores the relationships between subject, light and texture. Her background as a graphic designer and floral artist informs her compositions, gives her a keen eye for detail and colour in the art of image making. Her work is influenced by the Dutch Masters and the Impressionists, a dance between evocative lighting and painterly aesthetics. Anliette specialises in food, travel and botanical projects, creating still-life images that are both seductively intimate and soulful.

Notable projects include assisting world-renowned Dutch master floral artist Pim van den Akker with publications & exhibitions and being commissioned by Sydney's leading top chefs to provide conceptual food photography for their brands. Anliette’s debut as a fine-art photographer was the series Anima Mea, which was recently featured on British VOGUE magazine (issue November 2017) as well as on the cover of UK’s Nikon Pro Magazine, a showcase of professional photographers from around the world. Anima Mea is a highly sought-after photographic art which adorns the walls of private art collectors and commercial spaces around the world.


Commercially, Anliette shoots food & beverages, chefs and interiors. If you are working on a project and think we could create something beautiful together, please get in touch here. 

Her clients include: Barrelhouse Group, Bitton Café & Bistro, Country Valley Farm, Enright's Gin Company, Event Birdie, Gastronomy Australia, HOORAY! Magazine, Marley Spoon, Merivale, O Bar and Dining, Seventeen, Safemate Australia, The Barber Shop, The Buzz Group, The Duke of Clarence, The Newport, We Are Example, Artisan Drinks Co, Form over Functions, Cultured Artisans, Two Providores. 


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[ 2015 ]  International Photography Awards - Honourable mention (Pro)

Category: Professional Photographer - Fine art, still life
Submitted piece: Humble Beginnings


[ 2014 ]  International Photography Awards - Honourable Mention (Pro) 

Category: Professional Photographer - nature, flowers
Submitted body of work: Anima Mea


[ 2013 ] The Da Vinci Award - Winner

CATC Design Excellence award - nominated by fellow lecturers of CATC Design School.

Named after Leonardo Da Vinci who, from relatively humble beginnings, went on to become one of the world's most prolific and creative artists. The Award recognises the artist's creative endeavours, who also consistently pursue their style and make the most progressive change creatively.


[ 2013 ] The Fibonacci Award - First runner-up

CATC Design Excellence award - nominated by industry professionals, one of the board members of Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP).

The Award celebrates extraordinary inspiration and creativity and is given in recognition of creative excellence. 



Past Exhibitions

[ 2019 ] - White Wall Art Projects

A pop-up group exhibition. 
7 Macquarie Place, Sydney, Australia.


[ 2014 ] - Extra Ordinary

An exhibition showcasing a body of work in food / still-life photography. 
The Rocks, Sydney, Australia.


[ 2013 ] - Interlude

Botanical fine-art series titled Anima Mea. An exhibition of emerging photographers. 
The Rocks, Sydney, Australia.

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