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Erthe & Co


Created by award-winning fine art photographer AnlietteErthe’s artworks arise from her deep love & awareness of our planet’s natural beauty. Erthe® itself is the Old English word for Earth.

Erthe® is an art form that brings a transformational sense of joy, beauty, wonder and sophistication to your creative living space.

It is Anliette’s desire that Erthe® collectors appreciate the unique artistry & intricate details in each imprint, and her belief that their eyes see what others cannot. She aspires to create quality imagery at the forefront of creativity - while being as timeless as Earth itself.



Quality & Craftsmanship

We are obsessed with these two words. From the time we spend creating our imageries using the best photographic equipment and lighting gear - to the final artwork that are individually printed on archival art papers. To then finally be professionally framed by Australia's number one trusted framer, Erthe® prints are made to last. Everyone shares our obsession and that's why we work with the best.



Sustainability & Social Responsibility

We never overproduce stock, we are extremely resourceful and have minimal waste. We are humans who cherish and love our planet. We are not dictated by the bottom line. We make conscious decisions with nature and earth in mind. Our mission is to protect, preserve & give back to precious Earth by planting thousands of trees across the globe. So, we partnered up with to plant one tree for every print sold. We also periodically increase the number of trees planted around Earth Day and other times of the year. Thanks to fabulous collectors like you, together we can build a forest, one print at a time!

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We believe

in the power of soulful imagery that evokes your senses.

that art does not belong only in museums.

that great art belongs in a space where people gather daily, igniting a powerful resonance with those around us.

in magical transformation of a living space made by the thoughtful hands that created them.

in evocative lighting in the art of photography.

in the future of handcrafted unique quality products.

in giving back to the passionate souls that help us grow.

that the timeless beauty of nature and soulful art is one and the same, it connects us together.