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Erthe Pop Up 002

Erthe Pop Up for Artisans

We’re stepping in an era where skills such as violin making, gilding, tapestry, weaving, metalworking, pottery making, basketry and glassblowing are in danger of being lost as demand for them falls in the digital age. Through my readings, some traditional crafts are now at risk of fading away in the next five years. Artisans are not valued enough. Actually, they are ignored.

When I created Erthe®, I wanted to support their craftsmanship in one way or another, to give them the credit they deserve by exposing the dedication & mastery of their crafts and thereby retaining the roots of our culture. 

Often times, Artisans trade locally. Erthe® Pop Up as an online commercial platform, is an ideal solution in this digital era - to expose their work to a wider audience. I hope we can raise this awareness in support of this fading culture.

It is my vision that Erthe® Pop Up will be known as a gathering place for fellow artisans/artists and art collectors from all corners of the globe. A place for art discussions, appreciation for beauty and the challenges they face about their craft.  

Erthe Pop Up 002

Marie-hélène Clauzon, international food stylist & ceramicist.

When I was a florist many years ago, vases were my blank canvas. I had collected various odd shapes, colours and sizes. I remember visiting many French potters during my visit in South of France - fascinated about fine quality artisan household keepsakes that is just soulful... hours of work that is dedicated into a piece of vessel is just priceless. The connection / energy to which cannot be replicated when we buy mass-produced items.

In 2014, I crossed path with Marie-hélène, one of the most gifted and down to earth, creative soul I've ever met. I fell in love with her organic style of tablewares. A year ago I asked her "Could you make some vases?" She then created this organic stunning vessels called Arborium. After months of late night brainstorming, coffees, laughters and challenges we faced, I have gained a newfound respect for artisans like herself. 

Please know that you’re not buying just "another bowl or vase", you’re in fact buying a lifetime’s worth of craft and mastery rich in narrative and its subtle nuances of idiosyncrasies, which are lost in modern mass-production.

So far, Marie-Helene's collections are sold directly in local artisan markets in Sydney and solely available for hire in professional prop houses in Australia, UK, Canada and USA. And now, I'm so pleased to announce that you'll be able to purchase her beautiful sought-after pieces for a limited time only on #ErthePopUp!


Image credit: Marie-hélène Clauzon