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Your heartfelt praises.

“Your artwork drew me in, that is exactly the effect it has on my guests. It connects us, it ignites inspiring thoughts and conversations. At the same time it makes you stand back in awe. Simple image yet so powerful.”
— Sonia | Collector. Denmark.


“Anliette’s work is next level, the detail and imagery are second to none, and her quirky subjects do what good art always should - they captivate and intrigue.
— Shannon Vos | Interior Designer & Stylist. Australia.

“I love the way her art captures things the eye quite often does not see. I bought 5 prints for one of my clients which were an immediate must have as soon as I laid eyes on her soulful, sophisticated photographic artwork. Anliette is not only talented, she would go above and beyond on custom print orders with quick turn around time, which is crucial for me as an interior designer. Thank you! You’ll be one of my go-to suppliers now.”
— Kristie Castagna | Interior Designer. Australia.


“Seriously. Your fine art prints have my heart. Plus on a practical note, their subdued beauty translates as ‘easy to decorate with’ #swoon!”
— Vanessa Colyer Tay | Stylist. Australia.

“‘Moroccan Hues’ is rich and captivating. Anliette’s work instantly drew me and I can’t wait to fill my home with more of her beautiful pieces.”
— Gemma | Collector. Australia.

“I found Anliette on Instagram and immediately loved her work. I knew I had to have one and I was immediately drawn to ‘Sunset in Venice’. It is a masterpiece in my home and I look at in awe, it’s so beautiful and looks amazing in my living room !! Anliette provides exceptional service from the moment you enquire to post delivery. The professional framing organised by Anliette is high quality and at very high standard. The whole experience was exceptional!!”
— Maggie | Collector. Australia.


“When talent, a keen eye, dedication, integrity, professionalism and excellent photography are combined; the result is Anliette’s art. A passionate artist elevating everyday objects to star status; being at home next to any great master’s work. Stunning work by an extraordinary artist.”
— Amy | Art Expert. South Africa.

“ I came across these photographs on instagram and instantly fell in love with Moroccan Hues. I went to the website to check out all the art work and decided on two prints, that one and the Spikey Spring. The prints came to San Francisco very quickly. I couldn’t be happier with both pieces and I love them even more in person. Thank you!”
— Marisa | Collector. USA.


“Treating oneself to a wonderful artwork is normally sufficient pleasure in and of itself, but I found dealing with Anliette an additional and unexpected delight to the actual purchase. Not only is she an incredibly talented artist, and I’m sure destined for great things, but she also gives excellent advice on framing (I’m so glad I followed her suggestion) and gives you a certificate of authenticity that, with its wax seal, the paper stock she uses and elegant design is almost another bonus artwork! The care and dedication with which she signed my artwork (on the back) is the icing on the cake.”
— Roger | Collector. Australia.


“ What I like about your images is that they stand out from those ‘trendy prints’ that are so mainstream right now. I’m very happy with the print quality and I happily recommend Erthe to my friends.”
— Anika | Collector. Norway.

“ Fabulous array of imagery, great service and delivered quickly! I purchased two prints and I’m happy with the feel of the paper and the image is just stunning! I’m getting the Gold Label Edition next ~ !”
— Anne | Collector. France.

“I love the stories behind each images, Anliette is a uniquely talented photographer. I love my Gold Label - Parisian Knock which is hanging proudly in my master bedroom and Spikey Spring in my daughter’s bedroom. Her work is just stunning, and she’s gonna go far! ”
— Catrine Svellingen | Stylist. Norway.


“Many years on, I sure am still enjoying the prints I bought and they get compliments all the time! I love the originality of Anliette’s food artwork. The service and print quality is superb! I’ve recommended her to all my friends and family.”
— Aidan | Collector. Australia.


“Absolutely adore your work Anliette, I love that it’s different to a lot of what’s out there. The quality is amazing and I have received lots of lovely comments on mine! Thank you!”
— Heidi O'Rourke | Stylist. Australia.

“I’m in love with ‘Moroccan Hues’, the print is so beautiful. The subtle pinks and touch of blue in this shot, had me at hello. Anliette’s photographic art is rich and moody and would compliment all kinds of styles from boho to scandi.”
— Erin Conway | Interior blogger-stylist. USA.

“I enjoy the wonderful artwork of Anliette, creative and beautiful. Such fine eyes to see the colours and how they fit in nature or to each other. The prints are very special and something that I’ve never seen before in other stores or homes. I´m proud to have two of them in my small German house. They have inspired me to find new colours to restyle my room with combining the colours from the prints. The prints have been packed beautifully with care. The experience of unpacking it, is just breathtaking! Great work Anliette!”
— Claudia | Collector. Germany.


“Your imagery has that ‘chest-expanding’ quality about it!”
— Caroline | Admirer. Australia.

“ GOLD LABEL! You Genius! ‘nuff said.”
— Angela | Collector. Australia.


“Stunned, captivated, spellbound.. I could continue to express my admiration for Anliette’s artwork for quite a while... Every single piece tells a story, moves you, touches your inner artist (even if you aren’t one). Beautiful, fleeting moments locked in pictures and paintings. I could not recommend her artwork highly enough. And on top of that Anliette herself is not only a very talented artist but also a charming, warm, nature loving person. Her works are a definite must in everyone’s collection!”
— Katherine | Collector. Poland.


“Anliette is an amazing photographer & was once a floral artist, so her creativity & talent for finding texture is beautifully evident in her work. I had the pleasure to style her “Parisian Rooftop” in our farmhouse & this image makes me feel like France is right out of my window! I can’t wait for your next collections Anliette.”
— Lindsea Dragomir | Stylist. USA.

“Anliette is an amazing photographer. I’ve been following her on Instagram for awhile now and I believe she is truly passionate about her craft as it shows through her work. I have too many words to express how much I love what she does and have recommended her to many of colleagues who seeks a valuable fine arts photographer.”
— Andy | Photographer. USA.

“It is rare to find such creative talent that can produce works that inspire and excite all that see it. Anliette’s blend of unique creative design, exquisite lighting and attention to detail produces images that draw you in and involve you. The images are fine art and fine photography that make you stand back in awe. Anliette’s charming personality, professionalism and passion for her art means she is clearly destined for a great future in the industry. I would highly recommend her.”
— Peter | Collector. United Kingdom.