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Wholesale orders


1. Go to 'Collections' in the main navigation bar.

2. Select any one of the categories.

3. Add products to cart as you would normally do on an online store. All products listed in this wholesaler's section is wholesale pricing, ex GST. We're currently GST exempt company.

4. Once you've added the product, please check out as per normal.

5. All orders must be paid before we can process them.



Shipping costs will be calculated automatically at checkout with DHL Express. 

If you're ordering framed prints in bulk (more than 5pcs), please leave your order in the cart. Email us so we can issue an invoice for your order including the exact shipping cost. Then, you may release the payment for your order.


As a wholesale account holder, you are sharing the same 'home page' as our retail customers. Please DO NOT add any products to your cart - from our home page as they are all priced at full RRP. 

Please refer the full RRP on the wholesale price list we've provided to you via email. Should you wish to view the full retail price online, you would need to 'log out' of your wholesaler account to browse them.

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